Board of Directors

Rayna Joy Brasier, President & Chairman of the Board

Rayna studied Fine Arts and Business Administration at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. In 2013, Rayna participated in a missionary trip that spanned 11 countries in 11 months. In her travels, she developed a passion to help eliminate poverty, hunger, and disease. Inspired by the impact she was able to make, she wanted to expand her contributions, continue to bring resources, and inspire others to join her in her efforts in making a difference in the world. She now dedicates her life to these efforts and has formed an organization focused on helping others in need. She brings love, hope, help, care, food, and many other Four Letter Words.


Kelli Verdi, Vice President & Vice Chair of the Board

Kelli Verdi is a Founding Partner and Chief Retail Analyst at InPlay Analytics, a Tampa based company focused on making stock market trading simpler for the public. Before moving into the finance industry, Kelli began by graduating high school a year early and started her career as the youngest Clear Channel on-air intern. She quickly discovered that her graphic design hobby had value for the company and developed it into a skill while assisting with their website/live marketing events. Networking and persistence paid off over the years as Kelli went on to expand her work experience to include prestige clients such as Tampa Bay Lightning, Buccaneers, Ford Motor Company, Republican Party of Florida, University of Florida, University of Tennessee, Super Boats International, and multiple Tampa Bay Non-Profits such as The Spring.


Jordynn Haskins, Secretary of the Board

Jordynn received her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. Given her creative passion, she and Rayna collaborate on program development assisting indigenous artisan’s with occupational skills and life coaching. She developed a unique understanding about culture through fashion.  Jordynn focuses on helping women and young adults become self-reliant through vocational trade, ultimately restoring their confidence and self-worth. Supporting the fair trade act, Jordynn desires to create more opportunity for international careers in the fashion and design industry.