With seven billion mouths to feed, human agriculture exerts a tremendous toll on the planet, from water draws to pollution, and from energy use to habitat loss. But there is also a growing set of solutions, from organic agriculture to integrated pest management.

More people around the world are taking a look at urban farming, which offers to make our food as “local” as possible. By growing what we need near where we live, we decrease the “food miles” associated with long-distance transportation. We also get the freshest produce money can buy, and we are encouraged to eat in season.

Another benefit of urban farming is that it can add greenery to cities, reducing harmful runoff, increasing shading, and countering the unpleasant heat island effect. Garden plots can help people reconnect with the Earth, and gain a greater appreciation for where our food comes from (hint: not from plastic packages).

Our Urban Chicken Coop gives you solid sustainable construction for an affordable price. Currently our backyard Microcoop provides a buy one give one sustainable model. When you buy one of our coops we ‪donate‬ one to Four Letter Word to ‪provide‬ someone in need ‪sustainable‬ ‪food‬.

Call to order 813-523-5355 custom options available.


The goal of every FARM 4 HOPE project is to help families and communities achieve self-reliance. We provide the training, livestock, and materials they need to build integrated farms. This means planting food for the family and the farm animals; keeping a sustainable operation by using the resources such as animal fertilizer; and caring for the Earth by improving the soil and environment.

Sponsoring a family or community can help lift them out of a life of hunger and poverty. People who previously did not have enough to eat will have a steady supply of food, and even be able to sell the surpluses. And with that income, they will finally be able to send their children to school, afford medicine and have a chance at a more secure future.


Support sustainable farming by donating a chicken. Chicken eggs and meat are the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, calories and nutrients to sustain life. Not only are chickens the ultimate, sustainable livestock, but their byproduct of waste is perfect for soil and gardening. They will also rid the garden of destructive insects, mice, snakes and other troublesome invaders. Egg shells can be recycled for calcium that chickens require to produce their nourishing eggs. Chickens that are laying a good quantity of eggs, and high quality meat will not only give individuals and families a nutritious source of food but help them make a living by selling to local markets.



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