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Your contributions go directly to help with Four Letter Word programs; we are committed to making the world a better place. Donate online to the Four Letter Word program of your choice or wherever the need is greatest.

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Donate-TodayEach child is unique and important; Four Letter Word has created this program to help you be a part of a child’s life. We work with trust-worthy orphanages and strive to develop a personal relationship between you and the children you sponsor. Your contributions go directly to children’s meals, education, healthcare, clothing, and basic living expenses. We don’t just want to financially support these children, but really invest in their lives and their futures.

Every individual that sponsors a child may communicate directly with them through writing emails, letters, and sending photos and additional gift packages.

You will also receive frequent progress reports, updates and pictures.

Sponsor a Child Today!

Donate a chicken: $10


Support sustainable farming by donating a chicken. Chicken eggs and meat are the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, calories and nutrients to sustain life. Not only are chickens the ultimate, sustainable livestock, but their byproduct of waste is perfect for soil and gardening. They will also rid the garden of destructive insects, mice, snakes and other troublesome invaders. Egg shells can be recycled for calcium that chickens require to produce their nourishing eggs. Chickens that are laying a good quantity of eggs, and high quality meat will not only give individuals and families a nutritious source of food but help them make a living by selling to local markets.

Donate a mosquito net: $15


Prevent malaria by donating an insecticide-treated bed net. (ITNs) are a form of personal protection that has been shown to reduce malaria illness, severe disease, and death due to malaria in endemic regions. In community-wide trials in several African settings, ITNs have been shown to reduce the death of children under 5 years from all causes by about 20%.


Four Letter Word, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.